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Alison Thackray

Native English Speaker

 Alison has been teaching English to adults and children since 2004. Believing that learning is most effective when it is fun, she is committed to creating an entertaining educational environment, supporting individual learners to develop to their full potential. Her experience teaching phonics and early reading make her perfectly placed to help learners connect sound to written language, developing conversational fluency alongside reading and writing skills. Alison holds a Trinity (Cert.) TESOL and an MA (Hons.) in Social Anthropology with Development. 

 Born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, a really long time ago, she describes her British accent as "the best accent for being understood".  Alison can't wait to join you on your language learning journey.

 Mystery Person

coming soon


By 'eck me darlins.. Who could this mystery person be?

Joining us from the wilds of Yorkshire is....

(check back soon to find out!)

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Alison and Gerri are passionate about the English language and committed to helping you learn like a native, through a holistic, communicative approach.  Develop your natural language acquisition, focusing less on grammar and more on contextual language use.

Together our native English speakers are working to create exciting video content and learning materials to help you develop your English proficiency.

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