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What is Englop?

Englop is an online English support program for students and professionals who require greater proficiency in listening and speaking in English. Our products are designed to help you develop a more natural style of speaking English. You can choose whether you prefer American English or British English, because we offer instruction in both! 

Join us here at Englop and we'll help you on your English speaking journey!

Meet the Englop Team

Meet our Englop natives Alison and Sacha! Qualified in TESOL and experienced teaching English, Alison and Sacha have been great friends since they met in Bandung, Indonesia in 2013. With eerily similar backgrounds, they both made a name for themselves on the comedy scene in Indonesia. Alison being a stand-up comic at the time, and Sacha being a sketch comic, they hit it off right away. Hopefully their excellent teamwork and friendly vibes will brighten your day as you make your way to fluency.

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